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About me and my practice ​

You might be reaching out to try counselling for the first time or perhaps you've tried before and wasn’t helpful? Your readiness for therapy and finding the best suited therapist for you, who can understand you; but also challenge and nurture you is the base of successful therapy. ​My aim is to offer a space for you where you can gain more understanding of yourself. I can support you to gain awareness of the patterns that are causing you difficulties in your relationship with yourself and relationships with others. Then you can begin to relate those patterns in a new way. This brings about its own healing, enabling choices about how you would like to move forward in your life.​I have supported clients in reducing anxiety, stopping limiting behaviours and becoming empowered, to name a few. My model is relational which means that the relationship between myself and you is the foundation of the work. I believe that as a small children we observe caregivers and learn how to relate to others. Later in life we unconsciously copy these behaviors which might not serve us well anymore. Or never did. Finding out what serves you well and starting to make conciseness choices can have significant impact on your life. Or could make a change in your life, if that's what you wish.


​I currently work in private practice and I can offer either short term or long term counselling at The Eaves in Guildford and at Connect in Camberley.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book initial 10-15 mins chat.

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